Residencies/Comps/Possible Projects

This page is home to a growing list of links to possible residencies, competitions, things of interest out there in cyber world that currently don’t fall into a specific project.


RU Opportunities | #Ecoismi2015 RU Opportunities | Palimpsest Project | Mural Painting Open call RU Opportunities | Environmental Artist Residency, McColl Center for Visual Art, North Carolina RU Opportunities | MORPHOS Fulldome International Artist in Residence – 2015 DENVER MORPHOS Artist In Residence | BETA Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World Tokyo Wonder Site BAiR Spring — Program Fees — The Banff Centre Halka Art Ecoismi List of Residencies | ResArtis Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France | Residency for young artists | Transartists Jerwood Drawing Prize :: Home Graniti murales!2015-the-selected-artists-of-t-air-/c1b5a

Things I don’t want to forget about but aren’t sure what to do with yet:

View from the Window at Le Gras – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Process: The First Photograph Camera Obscura construction John Grade Creates “Middle Fork” From Plaster Casts of 140-Year-Old Tree | Hi-Fructose Magazine HOME – antennae


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