Thoughts about the journal/project 1 as it evolves

I created this section when I first built the journal; a lot of my thoughts and whatnot have ended up within each project so this page hasn’t grown as extensively as I thought it would, what is here is important though. Dan

Project Number 1: (May 2015)

I feel that my practice has continued to evolve through the first project: exploring various projects simultaneously has allowed me to keep moving, to have time to ponder and reflect and to begin to crystallize what it is I am figuring out. I am continuing to aspire to being some kind of framer, an authorless facilitator, an editor or illuminator of the world that we are part of? At the moment I feel that I cannot better the world that we are part of through representation or documentation – the actual experience of a dawn chorus or a snorkel over a coral reef for example, usurping anything that I could present to an audience: I want to further explore this idea of facilitating experiences and not actually producing any physical work and I need to do more contextual research into this field (need to seek advice for this). At the other end of the scale I am really enjoying projects like chemical archipelago – this project has partly emerged as a result of this realisation about an actual experience of the natural world topping documentation of it. Chemical archipelago is also allowing me to increase my visible authorship, to explore aspects of my work that are more personal – to use already existing objects from the artificial aspects of humanity to represent, and document, my experiences of the natural world: I think that this aspect of my practice is only just emerging and I am excited about where it could lead. Moving image is also an aspect of my practice that I want to further explore – the relationship between different images/sounds that I could bring together to explore the network between oak trees and cocktail umbrellas is exciting. The transient nature of projecting moving image in different environments, and contexts, also seems like an apt medium for interlinking different aspects of my authorial[less] practice, for example projecting the microscopic oak film onto a forest therefore bringing an audience into a forest to experience both a film and the forest itself together. A forest could also be home to an outbreak of cocktail umbrellas or a migratory murmuration of polysterene planes, again bringing two different aspects of my practice into direct contact. A migratory murmuration – migratory from where? – from an imagination into a more physical space, from a chemical archipelago into a growing forest –  the forest framing the chemical murmuration within it and, possibly, the chemical murmuration framing the the forest that surrounds it. To return to my project proposal maybe all aspects of what I am beginning to explore act as framing techniques, or methods, for each other: a thread is starting to become visible that interlinks my practice: maybe it is important to see the you’re oak images next to chemical archipelago while a film projects across you…each project framed by another in an ever changing network?

As I move into project two I realise that I need to read around the areas that I am working in: my knowledge is currently very limited with regards to other practitioners and thinkers in the areas I am exploring.  Onwards through the forest.

schematic-1-3 schematic-1-4 schematic-1-5 schematic-1-6

IMPORTANT RAMBLINGS: (late November 2014)

So as these projects continue to grow and interconnect with each other what I’m up to; what I’m trying to communicate is becoming clearer: Potentially what underlies all these projects is the idea of interconnectivity; we cannot exist without everything else existing. Providing an audience with the opportunity to walk through an oak tree is an attempt to turn something that appears to be solid and fixed (both in the accepted version of reality and in the preconceptions of our minds) into something transient, something malleable, something that slips between your toes, to ask you to reconsider what a tree looks like; we are all part of one thing, a seemingly infinite thing that is in a continual state of recombination. To be caught inside a murmuration looped and repeated with man made light an opportunity to consider the transient nature of all that we are part of, its continuous state of flux…scale possibly irrelevant, be it microscopic or macroscopic the connection remains. Murmurations of light, the pattern provided by starlings or clouds of microscopic phosphorescence, or even sped up time lapses of galaxies (if that was possible)…the scale unknown and unimportant…all vehicles that could be used to illustrate the fact that everything is connected; transitory moments – beautiful visible parts of the continual interactions and recombinations and flows of energy that allow us all to exist.


This quote is from Patterns and Layering – Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture. As my research continues and (after talking to Mat about dark ecology) reading about the potential dangers of using the word “nature” as a way of differentiating us (humans) from other species that wriggle and squiggle in our known universe this passage of text helps to sum up what part of my practice is concerned with.

Common themes are definitely beginning to crystallize as my research into the various projects widens. I want to use this page as a sounding board, a space for my overall thoughts…a rambling monologue that may become riddled with hyperlinks to pages within the journal, almost an index…maybe a contents paragraph…a way of navigating the individual projects..ramble ramble ramble


A phrase that appears to have come up today, in my mind, that sums up a lot of the projects so far is cross-species collaboration; one of those species is human, erm so far me. Maybe there could also be projects built that are collaborations between other species (is lichen one?…plant and animal? coral another), I simply introduce them? Symbiotic relationships or not? Projects that so far fall under this evolving umbrella are #marbling pond skaters, #line drawing into 3D space, #microscopic islands/growing worlds, #murmurations

Starting points and where to find them also keep cropping up; currently want to pursue the mind map drawing that appeared as a result of starting this journal.

Which projects are achievable? Which ones will require funding? I need to find ways of breaking some of them down, to begin experiments/tests and…design projects within projects that can be done in a day, in a hour etc. Have also been pondering beginning a careful still life study; a drawing for drawings sake, a piece of meditation I can return to regularly…an antidote to all the research?, some kind of symbiotic relationship as a result? The observational drawing a reaction to the research and head scratching and the research and head scratching a reaction to the observational drawing?