Project #3

This project will involve elements of my previous MA work with a focus on creating an installation for the show, a room that invites the viewer into. The main elements at the moment revolve around the cocktail umbrella colony and the creation of immersive spaces. I also intend to frame some drawings, potentially do some 3D printing, print some of the microscopic oak images (potentially with light boxes), present the oil tanker cabinet and more. If possible I will also screen a Murmuration of Light in some form.


Colony generation using C4D


I toyed with the idea of colonising one of these very realistic, and low maintenance pets with umbrellas. That idea is currently on hold.

Initial ideas about creating immersive space based on the cocktail umbrella colony. EDIT: It has became clearer that it doesn’t make sense to build a structure, the whole idea is to use ready made objects, a comment on consumerism, excess, waste and life in a posthuman era (when cocktail umbrellas colonise your pointless dining room table etc)


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