#drawing machine murmuration in a first aid box

This branch of project one is an exploration into the idea of building a machine that makes drawings, or marks, on a triptych of zinc plates. The marks made are made by the machine and not me, my part in the process is the construction of the machine, the size of plate and the use of the first aid box. The machine is made to represent the life cycle of a living organism: the pieces of solder and wire attached to it begin to deteriorate as it moves around it’s environment, it lives out it’s life within the box. The marks made are a record of the life of the machine, the fossil records, a shadow murmuration left on the ground/ground.


the bottom plate after the murmuration…wouldn’t look out of place next to some of the oak images


alternative version


detail of the box


this image could be mistaken for something from the NASA website but no, this incredibly high tech robot is the drawing machine that was used. Like a living organism, it deteriorates over time eventually dying or being unable to make a mark…what it creates cannot be exactly replicated, however the process can be repeated, possibly representing the cycle of life?

etching_first_aid_2 etching_first_aid_3 first_aid_print_1etching_crop_1