#drawing machine etchings

Drawing machine in a sea chest. This is an expansion of the smaller drawing machine etchings. The zinc plate is made according to the golden ratio: in this case 400mm x 647.2mm. This decision is important, it is part of my input into the image that is created, I am creating an environment for the machine to live in. The sea chest contains the surface that the creature will on, it is the atmosphere. For me that atmosphere is a personal one, the sea chest has been around since I was a child. As a child it scared the crap out of me and was definitely home to ghosts. This further contributes to the idea that I am facilitating the drawing: the machine construction, the zinc plate and the atmosphere. Again the image left behind is a record of the life of that particular machine, a life that can be repeated but not replicated.Golden_Rectangle_Construction.svg


old sea chest that used to scare the shit out of me as a kid; home to pirate monsters and memories now home to the memory of an ephemeral murmuration as well


the plate’s proportions are based on the golden rectangle proportions (need to insert measurements here)


the plate towards the end of the murmuration – most of the metal having flown off the machine by this point


a close up – as the metal on the machine wore down it would get stuck in certain places hence the bare metal patches


close up of what remained after the murmuration had disappeared, the plate a record of what happened, something that can be repeated but never replicated!


a print made from the plate. the plate was also aqua tinted before being etched due to the large patches of bare metal