#compositions borne out of arrows/symbols in my journals

This is a sprout of an idea which is the result of the murmurations project and the composition borne out of the initial mindmap. Looking back through my physical journals the pages are riddled with arrows, arrows used as bullet points, arrows used to link sentences, arrows of procrastination. I want to scan them all in and play about with a composition made by them…be it a large lay out decided by their position on each page or some kind of arrow murmuration/flock. The arrows are the accidental starting point, coming into existence/becoming visible as the by product of various thought processes and ramblings. Their positions could also be plotted within a space that has the same area as the journal if it was laid out page next to page. The resulting pattern another starting point, a map of dots/arrows.

It’s going to take a bit of time to realise this idea.

I’ve been reading Patterns and Layering, Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature and Architecture edited by Salvator-John A. Liotta and Matteo Belfiore and have included a couple of pages below that revolve around the Matuba (pine needle) pattern…beautiful arrow type shapes. Really interesting writing about avoiding total symmetry in architecture, an eccentric composition but eccentric in terms of not centric rather than the common western meaning/use of the word, not revolving around one centre point. Rather than take quotes from the first image I have included it at a higher resolution so all of it can be referred to when required…


japanese_patterns_1-1 japanese_patterns_1-2 japanese_patterns_1-3