#line drawing into 3D space



A scan from Walking in my Mind. This is an installation by Chiharu Shiota and made of black wool, I like the cave like structure that is starting to form…if it was somehow alive and growing it’d be bloody amazing…I guess I could build a structure from twine based on the drawings then train creepers and vines to grow up and around it, again a collaboration with a plant….cross species collaboration…a concept that is running throughout most of these projects

Clearing IV by Antony Gormley; is also an example of, what to me, is a 3D drawing that the viewer can move through, a drawing you can enter…that the viewer sees differently as they move through the space.

I think it’d be brilliant if the lines were made from living plants, the template borne from my drawing but where it ends up is dependent on the growth of the plant. One of my favourite examples of human/plant collaboration is that of the living bridges in Northern India, in my mind this is an example of the ultimate in architecture. They can be centuries old and by their nature are ever changing, it’d be great to make a piece of work, a living installation left to its own devices; maybe fill a gap between buildings? a space an audience can move through and be in, a literal take on an urban jungle….initially the space would be plotted by the drawings framework but with time the vines would entwine with each other and the audience would have to make new pathways through the space, new clearings may appear.

The drawing borne through the mind map could be the template for any initial experiments into this project, I like the idea that more more projects are interlinked, a cohesive body of work growing and evolving.


This is a tree house built by the Korowai people of New Guinea. I’d love to spend some time in it! It’d be brilliant if the 3D drawing grew to a point where a tree house could be built on top of it? In fact I’d like to build a tree house any way. Maybe a combination of the living bridges in northern India and a tree house…cities built from living trees might be part of the next rise of civilization?