#composition borne through the mind map that started this journal



This image, approximately 2m tall, is the result of the initial mind map I made as a starting point for this journal. Each project idea was enclosed with a line when I made it, this is a tracing of those lines but with the text omitted; the composition wouldn’t have appeared without the process of creating the mind map, the two completely interlinked. This image could stand alone or become the starting point for a solid colour screen print, 3D installation etc??



Another possible idea along these lines also revolves around my physical journal; it is a scrawling mass of notes, plans and thoughts…I’ve noticed that a lot of these components are preceded by arrows – it’d be interesting to scan all these and arrange them in some kind of flock…potentially animate them or lay them out relative to where they are in the journal…an overall digital canvas broken into a grid comprising the 120 pages of the journal…maybe 4:3 ratio (40p x 30p)…where no arrows occur the space remains blank; a narrative or tempo borne out by chance.


Typical Butterflies by Richard Lydekker, 1880-1890. I have always really liked these kind of diagram keys, I like the idea of using them to accompany drawings I make that are built out of countless animals and shapes (http://thiscountryside.com/2014/02/07/work-in-progress/ , http://thiscountryside.com/2014/05/26/full-lines/ or http://thiscountryside.com/2012/03/30/wall-drawing-in-a-house/ for example), often disappearing as the drawing grows, the key could be used to decipher them. I like the aesthetic link between this and the composition borne out of the initial mind map; in both images the ‘vital’ information has been taken away and only the basic outlines remain…I think this is an idea that could be further expanded? Aspects of this idea will be further explored here